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home of B.C's gorgeous Nubians! 

About Us

We are located on 2.5 acres just outside Victoria, British Columbia, on beautiful Vancouver Island.   We began our goat herd back in 2003 with just 2 does; a dam and daughter pair.  Since then our herd has fluctuated around 20!  Our goal is to produce top quality, purebred Nubian dairy goats that win in all areas: in the show ring, in the milking parlour, in breed character and in personality-plus!  If you are looking to improve your herd or if you are just starting out and want to do it right,   please contact us and we will do all we can to assist you.  

Our Services:

Our services include doe and buck sales, and buck services, pack goat information, 4-H information and chevon and milk sales (for non-human consumption only). If we do not have what you need, we will do our best to refer you to someone who does!

What others are saying..

"Wow just looked at your goats and WOW -  you're doing Fez better than Fez did Fez! What I mean by that is Fez onto anything puts the finishing touches on a show goat. But your goats are tremendous in pedigree and in conformation. Congrats ~your approach to breeding quality not only works but is better than any I have seen."
 Anastasia Aiton,  Memory Lane Nubians, AB Canada,  January 2016

"I just purchased a Nubian buckling 'Maverick' from Agélay Acres.  He is everything I had hoped for.  He is correct of stature, has tons of charisma and wants to please.  I believe he will add big time to our program at Mountain View Meadows in Sechelt.   Gail is thorough and professional and is very gracious.  Thank you for your caring heart, Gail.  I highly recommend Agélay Acres.

Lowell Pearl,  MountainView Meadows, Sechelt, B.C.,  July 2015

"I recently purchased two bred doeling Nubians from Agélay Acres near Victoria.  I chose Agélay because of their reputation in the show circuit and their thoughtfulness and dedication building a quality, healthy Nubian herd. My girls have excellent confirmation and temperaments and are a huge asset on my farm.  I was beyond  pleased with Gail's knowledgeable support and willingness to share experience and information.  I happily recommend Agélay Acres for top quality Nubians."

Dr. Brenda A Bernhardt, Cowichan Veterinary Services, Lake Cowichan, B.C., March 2012

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